Responsible destinations

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EARTH welcomes Tour Operators proposing responsible travels all around the world.

EARTH’members  AITR, LegacoopATES and ATR are also proposing wonderful and amazing travels designed by their members. Would you prefer a walking trip in the wild nature of Africa, riding a horse in the mountains of Latin America or discovering Asian Flora and Fauna? Or simply discovering cultural and natural heritage in Europe in the most responsible way? Choosing will be hard! Read more on our member’s websites:

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EARTH’ members propose also travels on different thematics:

  • Accessible tourism. Discover the accessible travels for persons with special needs and learn more about the best practices regarding accessible tourism.
  • Responsible travel boxes in Italy “Equotube”
  • Travel in Europe with sustainable Businesses in green and responsible destinations with GreenHopping
  • Protection of the animals in tourism: the FAADA foundation protects the animals in tourism and their members are also organising travels
  • Social tourism in Hungary: the HNFR organises travels in social tourism giving a great importance to sustainability and responsability.

next travels

Are you ready to plan your responsible holidays? Check the next travels proposed by our Tour Operators here!

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Latin America


accessible destinations

There is so much to know about accessible tourism! Discover good practices and choose your accessible destination  HERE.



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