Accessible tourism


The right to go on holidays is fundamental and it should be universal. In the last years with the economic crisis, a lot of families, young people, seniors, and misemployed people could not afford to go on holidays and have decided to stay at home in order to reduce the budget dedicated to travels and leisure.

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Promote local tourism and social tourism in order to allow all the citizens to go on holidays

Responsible tourism proposes a tourism based on the local community, who acts a key role in the tourism development but it also encourages the local population to discover their own territory and in that way, responsible tourism supports local tourism. The improvement of the service’s accessibility benefits to the local population and the tourists with the welcoming of people with special needs.

In addition, social tourism facilitates the holidays to low-income families, seniors, young people, physically and mentally disable people, which has a crucial role in the actual context but the risk is to encourage the concentration of tourists at the same time, at the same place.

In that sense, EARTH is partner of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO). In addition, the Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (HNFR), member of EARTH, works hard to facilitate the departure on holidays to people and especially children, with limited incomes.

Responsible tourism makes easier the accessibility to a job and promotes social integration

Inspiring from the experience in social cooperatives, responsible tourism is promoting the integration of the person victims of social exclusion (ex-detainees, ex-drogue addicts, single women…).
In this sense, responsible tourism promotes the accessibility to the work in the tourism organisations especially for those wishing to improve their corporate social responsibility.

Accessibility and responsibility are good friends

Responsible tourism includes and cares everyone, because every single person is a potential responsible traveler. Responsible tourism believes that each person deserves a break, no matter his or her physical and mental condition as leisure time is a fundamental right for the wellness of human beings.
EARTHmembers propose an overview of some good practices on accessible tourism analysed by Nature Friends International, and present the extraordinary accessible destinations proposed by Planet Viaggi Responsabili!

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