Where and Who?

whereIn your country, in Europe, in the World … wherever there is a human, a cultural, a social and natural aspect to learn, enhance and preserve!No place is better than another to establish responsible tourism because “in” responsible tourism there are values, ideas and practices of respect, sharing and preservation.  There are no geographical barriers or limitations to responsible tourism practices as they can be used in any place or nation.  That means it they can be applied in developing or already economically advanced places, in big cities or in a small town, in a hotel, hostel or in a local family’s home! Responsible Tourism can be practiced either alone or together with specialist organisations who are used to applying and using its values and practices, which actually undertake to disseminate and implement.

EARTH represents and coordinates many actors of responsible tourism working directly or indirectly as organisers of responsible travels. EARTH’s role is:

  • To coordinate NGOs involved in cooperative projects dedicated to tourism
  • To communicate with the conventional tourism industry
  • To collaborate with government and European organizations aware of the issues of sustainability, responsibility and ethics
  • To collaborate with universities and research institutes
  • To conduct raise travel awareness and education

Through the members of EARTH, you can go on specailly organised responsible trips in AFRICA, EUROPE, ASIA, NORTH AMERICA AND SOUTH AeMERICA … but it is also possible to directly search the so-called LOCAL NETWORK OF RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, or those resident organisations in individual countries who often coordinate or act as”local players” in the service of the members EARTH.  They sometimes also (on their own account) organise on the spot experiences or responsible tourism for sensitive travelers.

Members of EARTH that organise responsible travel directly, or through their members:

Responsible destinations copie

Discover our responsible destination section which covers all the world, proposes travels with specific dates and also accessible trips for people with special needs. 

Responsible destinations titre copieaccessible destinations copienext travels

Direct travel organisers:

Planet Viaggi responsabili to Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Central America, Europe.
Equotube: to Italy (travel ideas, activities and culinary experiences to give alternatives to rediscover territories and cultures)
Viaggi del Sogno (Italy) to Italy, Benin, Borneo, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Greenland, India, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Socotra, Spain, Togo, Tunisia, Vietnam
Sustainable tourism Ireland to Ireland
Members of AITR (Italy): the entire world.
Members of ATES (France): the entire world
Members of Legacoop Tourism (Italy): the entire world.

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